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acetone in your gas tank,

Acetone in your gas tank = more MPG??? - Ridemonkey Forums

20051130· Well, damn GP, that''s about the most coherent thought I''ve heard from you since you pulled the Jag tail lamps outta your ARB. FWIW, I started an Acetone experiment a …

Acetone in the gas tank???? | S-10 Forum

2007521· i recently had a customer come into my auto zone. and purchase acetone wich he said he uses in his gas tank at 2 ounces per 10 gallons of fuel and said his

Cutting Your Gas with Acetone | Daily Fuel Economy Tip

2006520· Tweet Today’s tip really isn’t a “tip” but more of a discussion in regards to cutting your gas with Acetone. This topic is something I’ve received a lot of emails about, however I …

Is it safe to put acetone in your gas tank? – TipsFolder

No, acetone will not significantly improve your mileage and may cause damage to your engine. Acetone is a strong solvent that can be used as a paint thinner or nail polish remover, and it’s …

Any! Putting Acetone in your gas tank is not really

, about INGOR, , Get Info!

Acetone in gas tank BS???? | Toyota Tacoma Forum

2005910· Acetone in gas tank for better mileage in this thread in this sub-forum in the entire site Advanced Search Cancel Login / Join What''s New Forum Listing Marketplace …

Acetone in Gas ? | The H.A.M.B.

2013620· In your gas tank the acetone would float on top and as your level went down the air in the tank would rust the inside of the tank horribly. I use acetone all the time and in …

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  • Reddit - Dive into anything/cite>

    I stuled upon some articles that claimed you can improve your mileage by adding JUST A LITTLE BIT of 100%pure acetone in your tank (I believe the ratio was 3oz per 10 gallons of …

  • Adding Acetone to Gas - The Real Truth CRACKED -

    acetone does work, but how it works is questionable

    Acetone in Fuels (A Study of Dimethylketone or Propanone)

    2005211· Acetone is the secret additive for mileage. Containers labeled acetone from a hardware store are usually okay and pure enough to put in your fuel. We prefer cans or bottles …

    Putting acetone in your gas tank to increase mileage

    2009109· Well, since this is RFD and all about saving money. In terms of increasing gas mileage, I came across this: /p>

    Alcohol in a Gas Tank: What REALLY Happens?! (Explained) - Pike …

    2021711· However, you’ll always find water in the tank due to many reasons. Some reasons would be unwanted condensations, leakages, and more. Thus, if you put alcohol in …

    acetone in the gas tank | Chevy Colorado & GMC Canyon

    2007427· 797 Posts. #7 · Apr 21, 2007. Let''s do a little thinking here. In welding/cutting operations Acetylene is dissolved in acetone. If a cylinder is laid on it''s side the acetone then …

    What TO DO when using acetone in your gas tank -

    Acetone tends to be abrasive and tends to be unpredictable. You could use acetone alone but you''ll get very random results. This is mainly due to the amount

    What happens when acetone is added to the gasoline in a car?

    Answer (1 of 9): There is only one automotive additive that can instantly improve your gas mileage by 20%: the placebo effect. People use significantly less gas when they pay attention …

    Can you put acetone in gas? - About Emergency And Disaster

    202263· Should you put ketchup in your gas tank? Considering ketchup is made up of organic compounds, the gas-ketchup cocktail will likely burn up, making your car''s engine, at …

    Does Adding Acetone in Gas Increase Mileage? - Wheelzine

    Adding about 2 to 3 ounces of pure acetone per 10 gallons of gas is recommended by experts. Increasing this amount beyond the recommended level can worsen the mileage. Thus, check …

    Is it safe to put acetone in your gas tank? - FindAnAnswer

    No. Acetone won’t significantly boost your mileage and could damage your engine. Acetone is a powerful solvent that’s used as paint thinner and nail polish remover, so it’s very corrosive. …

    Acetone in gas tank??? | Page 2 | Hyundai Tiburon Forums

    200555· I did not have any success with 0.1% however 1% worked OK (record of 34.5mpg on the to and from school route)-2.0 engine.. I''ll be testing 0.5% and 0.75% in the next couple …

    acetone in gas tank News Articles | Echemi

    2021119· Your source for diversity of acetone in gas tank articles. Discover acetone in gas tank trends, innovations and developments on echemi. Fluid, Electrolyte, and Acid-base

    Acetone in your gas tank? - PbNation

    2007417· Forum Reviews Field & Stores Pursuit Search User CP

    acetone in your gas tank | Nissan Titan Forum

    20051121· 1st Generation Nissan Titan Forum (2004-2015)

    acetone in your gas tank | Page 2 | Nissan Titan Forum

    20051125· i also heard peeing in the tank was good for gas milage too 1st Generation Nissan Titan Forum (2004-2015)

    What happens when you put acetone in a gas tank?

    2022528· Acetone is a powerful solvent that''s used as paint thinner and nail polish remover, so it''s very corrosive. That''s why many automakers specifically warn against using it. …

    Why would you put mothballs in a gas tank? – Short-Facts

    2020923· Acetone won’t significantly boost your mileage and could damage your engine. Acetone is a powerful solvent that’s used as paint thinner and nail polish remover, so it’s very …

    What does acetone do to a gas engine? – Short-Facts

    2020620· No. Acetone won’t significantly boost your mileage and could damage your engine. Acetone is a powerful solvent that’s used as paint thinner and nail polish remover, so …

    Acetone in your gas tank | Page 2 | Smith And Wesson Forums

    2010613· My only concern would be the hose connecting your fuel tank to the ouside. I used this many years ago for water in the gas tank, and it melted my rubber hose connecting …

    Adding acetone in your gas tank | LS1GTO Forums

    200638· I read that adding 1-2 oz of acetone in your gas tank for every 10 gals of gas improves mileage and performance. Has anyone ever done this to their goat? LS1/LS2 Engine …

    ACETONE?? In the gas tank??? | AnandTech Forums: Technology, …

    2009612· 13. 81. Mar 7, 2008. #8. It won''t increase mileage, but you can add up to about 20% Toluene (available in 5-gallon buckets at paint supply stores since it is also used to …

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  • Acetone in Gas : r/MechanicAdvice - reddit/cite>

    1. UncleCircusDuell • 1 yr. ago. Acetone can produce results in older cars because it is just acting as an injector cleaner. Once it has cleaned as much deposits from injectors, valves and …

  • Acetone in gasoline | Shotgun Forum

    2005107· Summary: add a relatively small amount of 100% acetone to your gas tank (0.03% to 0.2% of the volume of gasoline) and your engine will run more efficiently and you''ll …

    Hydrogen Peroxide In A Gas Tank: Updated 2022

    20211112· The concentration of hydrogen peroxide in the gas tank is what determines this. That’s just approximately 3% if you buy hydrogen peroxide at the drugstore. Because the …

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