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cyclohexanone oxime melting point

Cyclohexanone, oxime - NIST

C p,solid Constant pressure heat capacity of solid S solid,1 bar Entropy of solid at standard conditions (1 bar) T boil Boiling point T fus Fusion (melting) point T triple Triple point …

Registration Dossier - ECHA - Europa

Reference substance name: Cyclohexanone oxime EC Nuer: 202-874-0 EC Name: Cyclohexanone oxime CAS Nuer: 100-64-1 Molecular formula: C6H11NO IUPAC Name:

Cyclohexanone oxime | C6H11NO - PubChem

2022117· Chemsrc provides Cyclohexanone oxime(CAS#:100-64-1) MSDS, density, melting point, boiling point, structure, formula, molecular weight etc. Articles of …

Boiling Point: 208.0±0.0 °C at 760 mmHgName: Cyclohexanone oximeDensity: 1.1±0.1 g/cm3
  • Cyclohexanone, oxime - NIST/cite>
  • What happens when cyclohexane decomposes?How to convert cyclohexanone to cyclo hexanone oxime?How to convert cyclohexanone to cyclo hexanone oxime?Nearly 100% of cyclohexanone was converted to cyclohexanone oxime. The reaction mechanism was proposed by coining experiments with density functional theory calculations. A novel process was designed for synthesis of cyclohexanone oxime using ammonium chloride as nitrogen source.

    Ammoximation of cyclohexanone to cyclohexanone oxime using ammonium

    /cite>: How to convert cyclohexanone to cyclo hexanone oxime?
  • Cyclohexanone oxime, 97%, Thermo Scientific™/cite>

    Melting Point (clear melt) 84.0-94.0?C Appearance (Color) White to cream to pale brown Assay (Non-aqueous acid-base Titration) ≥96.0 to ≤104.0% Description This Thermo Scientific brand …

    Cyclohexanone | CAS#:108-94-1 | Chemsrc

    2022111· Chemsrc provides Cyclohexanone(CAS#:108-94-1) MSDS, density, melting point, boiling point, structure, formula, molecular weight etc. Articles of Cyclohexanone are …

    Cyclohexanone 99% Liquid DDCS0063 Dideu - ECHEMI

    Contact China Manufactory Shaanxi Dideu Medichem Co. Ltd for the product Cyclohexanone 99% Liquid DDCS0063 Dideu. Chat now for more business.


    melting point


    melting point
  • Safety Data Sheet - Harper Oxime.pdf· PDF

    Melting point 86 - 89 C (187 - 192 F) Boiling point 206 - 210 C (403 - 410 F) Flash point 100.00 C (212.00 F) - closed cup Ignition temperature no data available Lower explosion limit no data …

    Showing metabocard for Cyclohexanone oxime (HMDB0250654)

    Cyclohexanone oxime Description N-cyclohexylidenehydroxylamine belongs to the class of organic compounds known as ketoximes. Melting Point Not Available Not Available Boiling …

    Cyclohexanone oxime 97 100-64-1 - Sigma-Aldrich

    Aldrich-C102202; Cyclohexanone oxime 0.97; CAS Nuer: 100-64-1; Linear Formula: C6H10(=NOH); find related products, papers, technical documents, MSDS & more at Sigma …

    cyclohexanone oxime - 100-64-1, C6H11NO, density, melting point, …

    cyclohexanone oxime - cas 100-64-1, synthesis, structure, density, melting point, boiling point ChemSynthesis Chemical database Home Text Search Structure Search About GO …

    Answer aash nstitute

    NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Chemistry Chapter 14 Biomolecules Question 14.1 Glucose or sucrose are soluble in water but cyclohexane or benzene (simple six meered ring …

    Cyclohexane oxime | Sigma-Aldrich

    Melting Point ( C) Physical Form Purity eqp Markush Class Markush Group Available for Sale Globally Applied Filters: Keyword:''cyclohexane oxime

    US2816063A - Purifiion of cyclohexanone oxime - Google Patents

    US2816063A - Purifiion of cyclohexanone oxime - Google Patents Purifiion of cyclohexanone oxime Download PDF Info Publiion nuer US2816063A US2816063A …

    structure of benzyl chloride

    (AlCl 3) has a layered polymeric structure below its melting point of 192.4 C (378 F) but transforms on melting to Al 2 Cl 6 dimers. In IUPAC nomenclature, the prefix benzyl refers to a …

    Cyclohexanone oxime

    Name:Cyclohexanone oxime,CAS:100-64-1.Use:For Organic synthesis.Buy Cyclohexanone oxime.Molecular Fomula:C6H11NO,Molar Mass:113.158,Density:1.1g/cm 3 ,Melting Point


    Note to the Reader . The National Toxicology Program (NTP) is made up of four charter agencies of the United States Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS): the National Ca


    melting point


    melting point
  • Study of 2-(piperidine-1-ylmethyl)cyclohexanamine Structure …/cite>· PDF

    388 TAHERI et al., Orient. J. Chem., Vol. 28(1), 387-397 (2012)unsymmetrical synthesis and lactams synthesis4 and amines preparation 5 beside of using amine and oxime functional …

    melting point of cyclohexanone – cyclohexanone toxicity

    Cyclohexanone 13 lignes · · Cyclohexanone-DNPH CAS Nuer: 1589-62-4: Molecular Weight: 278,26400: Density: 1,47g/cm3: Boiling 1,47g/cm3 : 434,6ºC at 760mmHg 159 C Jean …

    Polymerizable fluorinated ester, manufacturing method, polymer, …

    polymerizable fluorinated ester compounds having formula (1) or (2) are novel wherein R 1 is H, methyl or trifluoromethyl, R 2 is a divalent hydrocarbon group, R 3 is H or a monovalent …


    The shampoo composition includes an anionic surfactant, one or more amphoteric or zwitterionic co-surfactants, and less than 0.25% of one or more shampoo high melting point fatty …

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    Ar is phenyl or naphthyl, each of which can carry from one to four sustituents selected from the group consisting of halogen, alkyl, haloalkyl, alkoxy, haloalkoxy, alkoxyalkyl, ph

    Thermodynamic properties of cyclohexanone oxime - ScienceDirect

    199281· The heat capacity of crystalline and liquid cyclohexanone oxime was measured by vacuum adiabatic calorimetry (T = 6 K to 300 K) and by the triple heat bridge method (T = …

    Cyclohexanone Oxime 100-64-1 | TCI AMERICA

    4- (Tetrahydro-4H-thiopyran-1-oxide-4-ylidene)-cyclohexanone oxime in the solid-state. A two-dimensional network of enantiomorphous chains interconnected by weak hydrogen bonds. …

    Cyclohexanone oxime 97% | VWR

    Cyclohexanone oxime 97% Print… Share Cyclohexanone oxime 97% Supplier: Thermo Scientific Chemicals Warning AC11120-5000 Melting point 88 to 92 C Titration with HClO4 …


    Melting Point: 192 to 196 F (NTP, 1992) Vapor Pressure: data unavailable Vapor Density (Relative to Air): 3.91 (NTP, 1992) Specific Gravity: data unavailable Boiling Point: 403 to 410 …

    ES422849A1 - Partial dehydration of cyclohexanone oxime

    The cyclohexanone oxime melt which has been dehydrated to water contents of about 4 to 6% by weight is treated with a heated inert gas above its melting point and the off-gas is washed …

    Cyclohexanone Oxime 100-64-1 | Tokyo Chemical Industry Co., …

    Molecular Formula / Molecular Weight. C6H11NO = 113.16. Physical State (20 deg.C) Solid. CAS RN. 100-64-1. Reaxys Registry Nuer. 1616769. PubChem Substance ID.

    SAFETY DATA SHEET - Fisher Sci

    Melting Point/Range 88 - 92 C / 190.4 - 197.6 F Boiling Point/Range 206 - 210 C - / 402.8 410 F @ 760 mmHg Flash Point 90 C / 194 F Evaporation Rate Not applicable Flammability …

    Ammoximation of cyclohexanone to cyclohexanone oxime using …

    2016102· To further verify the above synthesized solid, a portion of the solid was crystallized twice from ethanol, and then characterized by comparison with a sample of …


    Reactivity Profile. CYCLOHEXANONE OXIME reacts violently with fuming sulfuric acid at temperatures > 302°F. (NTP, 1992). Several explosions or violent decompositions have …

    Cyclohexanone Oxime 97%, Thermo Scientific™ - Fisher Sci

    antioxidant d, ccris 1383, cyclohexanone oxime, cyclohexanone, oxime, cyclohexanoneoxime, dsstox_cid_1842, dsstox_gsid_21842, dsstox_rid_76361, hydroxyimino …

    cyclohexane-1,2-dione oxime - 492-99-9, C6H10N2O2, density, …

    2022919· cyclohexane-1,2-dione oxime - cas 492-99-9, synthesis, structure, density, melting point, boiling point ChemSynthesis Chemical database Home Text Search Structure …

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