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n-butyl acetate no

n‐Butyl acetate [MAK Value Documentation, 2003] - - Major …

2012131· The MAK value was therefore reduced to 100 ml/m 3. In the study of Iregren et al. 1993, important for determining the excursion factor, no irritative effects occurred at …

DANGER! - Transchem, Inc

n-Butyl Acetate Appearance Clear, Colorless Liquid [email protected] C ‐ Melting/Freezing Point ‐ Soluability Negligible Odor Sweet Acetate Odor, No Residual Odor Flashpoint 26 C (78 F), …

N-BUTYL ACETATE | Occupational Safety and Health Administration

2021413· No n-Butyl Acetate 0440 No sec-Butyl Acetate 0441 No tert-Butyl Acetate 0442 No Toluene** 2460 No Ethyl Benzene 1080 No Perchloroethylene …

CAS #: 123-86-4Formula: C₆H₁₂O₂
  • n-butyl acetate no bing/videos9:42Synthesis of n butyl acetate (week2, part 1/1)1.2 3 23, 2017Iso21313:01Synthesis of n butyl acetate (week1, part 2)3 3 22, 2017Iso2131:56Preparation of n Butyl acetate#synthesis of n Butyl a…338 9 MIDDE SRIDHAR CHEMISTRY11:18Organic Chemistry%2fproducts%2festers%2fnormal-butyl-acetate%2f&TierName=webfluid">

  • Molecular Formula: C6H12O2 or CH3COO(CH2)3CH3PubChem CID: 31272
  • Butyl acetate - Wikipedia/cite>
    • What is n-butyl acetate?What is n-butyl acetate?What is N-Butyl Acetate? Normal butyl acetate (also known as n-butyl acetate, butyl acetate, butyl ethanoate, 123-86-4) is a clear, colourless ester with a molecular formula of C 6 H 12 O 2. It is found in various fruits, red apples in particular, and employs characteristic flavours with a sweet banana smell.

      N-Butyl Acetate | C6H12O2 | Solventis

      /cite>: What is n-butyl acetate?What is the molecular formula for butyl acetate?What is the molecular formula for butyl acetate?Butyl acetate PubChem CID 31272 Structure Find Similar Structures Chemical Safety Laboratory Chemical Safety Summary (LCSS Molecular Formula C6H12O2 or CH3COO(CH2)3CH3 Synonyms Butyl acetate N-BUTYL ACETATE 123-86-4 A 3 more rows

      Butyl acetate | C6H12O2 - PubChem What is the molecular formula for butyl acetate?What is the concentration of n butyl acetate in paint?What is the concentration of n butyl acetate in paint?SOURCE DOMINATED: n-Butyl acetate was reported in paint mixing area of six auto-painting garages at 0.2 to 2.0 ppm (1). n-Butyl acetate has been detected as a volatile flavor component of baked potatoes (1) and roasted filbert nuts (2).

      Butyl acetate | C6H12O2 - PubChem What is the concentration of n butyl acetate in paint?What does butyl acetate taste like?What does butyl acetate taste like?IDENTIFIION: n-Butyl acetate is a colorless liquid. It has a sweet, fruity odor and tastes a little like banana. It is very soluble in water. n-Butyl acetate is found naturally in some fruits and plants. It is a component of tobacco and tobacco smoke. USE: n-Butyl acetate is an important commercial chemical.

      Butyl acetate | C6H12O2 - PubChem What does butyl acetate taste like?
    • n-Butyl acetate - Butyl acetate - Sigma-Aldrich/cite>

      n-Butyl acetate. CH3COO(CH2)3CH3. Synonyms: Butyl acetate. CAS 123-86-4. Molecular Weight 116.16. Browse n-Butyl acetate and related products at MilliporeSigma. Product …

      Registered substances - ECHA - Europa

      N-butyl acetate 204-658-1 123-86-4 Active Full Joint ≥ 100 000 to < 1 000 000 tonnes 22-09-2022 View substance registered dossier N-butyl acetate 204-658-1 123-86-4 No longer Valid Full …

      CDC - NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards - n-Butyl acetate

      Butyl acetate, n-Butyl ester of acetic acid, Butyl ethanoate CAS No. 123-86-4 RTECS No. AF7350000 DOT ID & Guide 1123 129 Formula CH₃COO[CH₂]₃CH ₃ Conversion 1 ppm = 4.75 …

      n-Butyl Acetate - BASF

      Knut Dornik. +49 621 60-73920. Send email. n-Butyl acetate is a clear, moderately volatile liquid with a characteristic ester odour. It is miscible with all conventional solvents such as alcohols, …

      N Butyl Acetate Manufacturers, Suppliers, Dealers & Prices

      N - Butyl Acetate Ar Cas No: 123-86-4 833 INR Get latest price MOQ: 500 , Milliliter CAS No: 123-86-4 Grade: Laboratory Grade Purity(%): 99.5% Alpha Chemika Muai, India Savgan …

      n-Butyl acetate CAS 123-86-4 | 109652

      n-Butyl acetate MSDS (material safety data sheet) or SDS, CoA and CoQ, dossiers, brochures and other available documents. SDS CoA Synonyms: Acetic acid n-butyl ester, Butyl …

      n-Butyl Acetate (n-BAC), Dầu chuối công nghiệp -

      Butyl Acetate (BAC ) là một chất lỏng không màu, trong suốt, độ bay hơi trung bình, có mùi ester đặc trưng.BAC hoà tan tất cả các dung môi hữu cơ như alcohol

      n-Butyl Acetate - CDH Fine Chemical

      Synonyms : Butyl acetate Formula : C6H12O2 Molecular weight : CAS-No. : 116,16 g/mol 123-86-4 EC-No. : 204-658-1 Index-No. : 607-025-00-1 No components need to be disclosed …


      n-butyl acetate Chemwatch: 1123 Version No: Page 2 of 10 N-BUTYL ACETATE Issue Date: 26/09/2019 Print Date: 21/06/2021 Continued Transport to hospital, or doctor. Ingestion …

      n-Butyl Acetate, Isobutyl Acetate, sec-Butyl Acetate, tert-Butyl …

      n-Butyl Acetate Isobutyl Acetate sec-Butyl Acetate tert-Butyl Acetate Method no.: 1009 Control no.: T-1009-FV-01-0701-M Target concentration: 150 ppm (n-butyl acetate and …

      Substance Information - ECHA - Europa

      n-Butyl acetate Registration dossier Octan butylu C&L Inventory R-2202 21SV80 C&L Inventory ST1020-A-RAL1014 Registration dossier TKA-90SB

      n-Butyl acetate MSDS - 109652 - Merck - Merck Millipore

      View or download the n-Butyl acetate MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) or SDS for 109652 from Merck. We use cookies on our website to help provide you with the best online …

      Butyl Acetate MSDS

      No % w/w N Butyl Acetate 123-86-4 99.5min 4. FIRST AID MEASURES Consult the National Poisons Centre, telephone 0800 764 766 [ 0800 POISON ] or a doctor in every case of …

      SAFETY DATA SHEET - Greenfield

      Synonyms: 1-Butyl Acetate; Butyl Ethanoate; Acetic Acid, n-Butyl Ester Other means of identifiion: CAS No. 123-86-4 EINECS No. 204-658-1 Recommended use of the chemical …


      n-BUTYL ACETATE Extra Pure Safety Data Sheet 09/04/2015 2/10 Classifiion according to Directive 67/548/EEC or 1999/45/EC F; R10-66-67 Full text of R …

      n-Butyl Acetate CAS # 123-86-4

      n-Butyl Acetate is available from OQ in the following packages: UN 1A1/X1.2/300 55-Gallon Carbon Steel Drums DOT 111A100W1 Tank Cars DOT MC 307 or DOT 407 Tank Trucks Ship …

      n-Butyl Acetate - KH Chemicals

      Substance name: n-butyl acetate Trade name: n-Butyl Acetate EC no: 607-025-00-1 CAS no: 123-86-4 HS code: 29153300 KH product code: 100011 Formula: C6H12O2 Synonyms: 1 …

      SAFETY DATA SHEET - Fisher Sci

      SAFETY DATA SHEET Creation Date 22-Sep-2009 Revision Date 14-Feb-2020 Revision Nuer 21. Identifiion Product Name n-Butyl acetate No. : A19412 CAS-23-86-4 …

      n-Butyl Acetate - Dow Chemical Company

      n-Butyl Acetate. A fast evaporating solvent with strong dissolve ability. It can be used as solvent in wood coating, industrial coating, rotogravure and flexographic printing inks, personal care …

      Naming Butyls - What does n-, s-, t- Mean? - ThoughtCo

      202012· Todd Helmenstine. The first form is the n-butyl group. It consists of all four carbon atoms forming a chain and the rest of the molecule attaches at the first carbon. The n- …

      N-Butyl Acetate Supplier and Distributor - GJ Chemical

      Formula: C6H12O2 Synonyms: Acetic acid, butyl ester; 1-Butyl acetate; Butyl ethanoate Stating easy process. Great customer service. Process from ordering to delivery was easy. Nick C. …

      n-Butylammonium acetate | C6H15NO2 - PubChem

      n-Butylammonium acetate | C6H15NO2 | CID 53438389 - structure, chemical names, physical and chemical properties, classifiion, patents, literature, biological activities, …

      Butyl acetate anhydrous, = 99 123-86-4 - Sigma-Aldrich

      n-Butyl acetate Linear Formula: CH 3 COO(CH 2) 3 CH 3 CAS Nuer: 123-86-4 Molecular Weight: 116.16 Beilstein: 1741921 EC Nuer: 204-658-1 MDL nuer: MFCD00009445 …

      n-Butyl acetate

      n-Butyl acetate Product name: n-Butyl acetate CAS No.: 123-86-4 Molecular formula: C6H12O2 Molecular weight: 116.16 Main uses: As solvent for spray lacquer, artificial leather, film, …

      n-Butyl acetate, 99+%, Thermo Scientific | Fisher Scientific

      Description. n-Butyl acetate is widely used as a solvent for cellulose nitrate, resins, polymers, oils and fats. It is used in paints, coatings, printing inks, aerosol sprays and cosmetics. It is used as …

      Acetic acid, butyl ester

      Temperature (K) A B C Reference Comment 332.89 - 399.24 4.26803 1440.231-61.362 Kliment, Fried, et al., 1964 Coefficents calculated by NIST from author''s data.

      n - LSU

      n-Butyl Acetate Solvent Properties CAS 123-86-4 Physical Properties Molecular weight 116.16 Boiling point 126.11 C Vapor pressure 7.8 Torr at 20 C Freezing point-73.5 C Refractive index …

      ICSC 0399 - n-BUTYL ACETATE - International Programme on …

      n-BUTYL ACETATE ICSC: 0399 (Noveer 2003) Acetic acid, n-butyl ester Butyl ethanoate CAS #: 123-86-4 UN #: 1123 EC Nuer: 204-658-1 ACUTE HAZARDS PREVENTION FIRE …

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